BYB offers weekly garbage collection to  Wears Valley, TN.  We empty our cans by hand so we do require all trash to be bagged and tied for collection and all cardboard to be broken down.  Place your trust in our reliable service and clean trash duty off your to-do list forever. 


  • Rates start as low as $25 a month 
  • Service includes a 96-gallon rolling can and weekly pick-up
    • WE DO NOT SUPPLY CANS TO OVERNIGHT RENTALS, OR IN AREAS WHERE BEARS ARE HIGHLY ACTIVE.  If you live in area where bears are highly active you may purchse your own can or we would recommend a metal bear proof garbage cage.
  • Options available for households that can't have curb service: i.e., long driveway, gravel, steep hill, gated drives, etc.  (additional fees apply)


Pricing Scale per Month

Accounts are billed quarterly (every 3 months)

  • Flat land neighboods with Curb Service    $25  
  • Rural and Mountainous regions $25 & up
  • Add drive up service for driveways 100' or less $5 per month
  • When using our drive up service we should be able to pull right up to the cage / can.  If we can not pull up to the can or cage directly, a $5 fee will be added for the additional walk up service. (30' or less)
  • Homes more than 2 miles off of a main highway will start at $40 per month.  Any drive and/or walk up fees will still apply.

OVERNIGHT RENTALS -WEARS VALLEY ONLY - Rentals must Provide their own metal bear proof cage.  Starting at $50 per month for one, two door bear cage.   (2 cage maximum)


  • Cabin Rates are subjuect to change.  


Seasonal or Second Homes

  • Unfortunately we do not specialize in any type of "as needed" service.  If you would like us to service your part time home then you will still need to pay for the entire year.  No discounts are available for second homes.


*Prices listed are per can.   Road conditoins and location may affect your monthly rate.



Are you interested?

We would be happy to give you more details regarding our services. Please contact us through the contact form here on our website.

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